Skiwo 2020 highlights

January 2020
Acquired home cleaning marketplace PlusstidHome from Orkla
Raised 13 MNOK in capital from existing investors
February 2020
Acquired Salita - Interpretation and Translation company
March 2020
Launched MVP for our FinTech company Dipps
Won Halden municipality public tender
April 2020
Launched Salita on Skiwo tech
Won East Police district public tender
May 2020
Integrated Dipps & Salita
Full scale launch - 400 KNOK invoiced in 1st month
Won tender contract with Norway's leading private healthcare
company Aleris
June 2020
Won the Norwegian Police Shared Services public tender
Started providing payouts for Salita interpreters
July 2020
Won the Asker, Bærum, Lier municipality public tenders. One of the largest Municipality tenders in Norway
Rebranded Plusstid Home to Triv
2.3 MNOK invoiced in 3rd month
August 2020
Scaled up Salita Translations
Launched Triv Choice, to allow customers to choose what they want cleaned - instead of having to pay for a full 3 hours
Started providing payouts for Foodora riders
September 2020
4.7 MNOK invoiced in 5th month
October 2020
Salita was rebranded (Publicly launched in 2021)
November 2020
Launched Salita Vikartjeneste
Completed its holistic Digital Management Platform 1.0
December 2020
Orkla invested into Skiwo
Won the Fredrikstad, Hvaler municipality public tender
Won the Ås, Nesodden, Vestby municipality public tender
Over 700 registered freelancers